Import/export of medicines - FAQ

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    What is it?

    It’s a process when the same product is imported to the market outside of the formal manufacturer distribution channels. This business is common in many countries and markets.

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    Do products comply with national regulations?

    Yes, products comply with all country‘ regulations.

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    How can You get certain products cheaper, than the ones already in the market?

    This happens because of several reasons:

    • Pricing differences are being created between the countries because of different prices and reimbursement policies;
    • Different wholesaler purchasing power, which occurs because of different market share and bargaining power;
    • Big purchases during period of discount campaigns and special offers;


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    Wholesale distribution license

    No. 0838 (Valid from 2012-02-21)

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    License to engage in activity related to list II and III narcotic and psychotropic subtances

    No. 587 N (Valid from 2016-04-07)

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    Certificate of good distribution practice of medicinal products

    No. LT/019H/2016 (Valid from 2016-12-06)

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    Approval certificate of food business operator

    No. 60RH1-22 (Valid from 2016-03-09)

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    Veterinary drug wholesale distribution license

    No. JVF-DP-53 (Valid from 2015-07-13)


  • Asortment creation and pricing;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Retail and pharmacy development strategy;
  • Marketing strategy and tactics;
  • Retail sales strategy and tactics;
  • Development of employee‘ professional competences;

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